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Portugal is a country with many tourist, gastronomic and cultural attractions. Portugal Afora was born from the desire of two friends, one Brazilian and one Portuguese, who together welcome tourists to Portugal and show the best that the country has to offer.

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Much more than a walk

Portugal Afora takes you on a stroll and you just have to choose between the route options that have been prepared especially for you. Just arrive and enjoy! You don't have to worry about details like getting to the location, renting a car, waiting times, routes, maps and what to visit. We do all this for you.

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Our team

pedro carapinha

I am Portuguese, businessman and journalist by training. I interned on radio and TV, but decided to work for myself after completing an MBA. 

I lived in London for 10 years, but honestly there is nothing like Lisbon! I like technology, traveling and talking to friends.

Caio Ferasso

Brazilian journalist and film producer, I have lived in Portugal since 2013 when I came to study for a master's degree.

For me, Portugal is full of new things to discover and the people are welcoming and peaceful. I like being with people, cinema and traveling.

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Our services


This is our main focus – personalized tours. We offer 7 different itineraries, all starting from Lisbon, with a focus on customer service.


For those looking for more than a common transport service, but whose main objective is to reach a scheduled destination. With flexibility and friendliness.

private chauffeur

For companies looking for more than an occasional transport service. We are your trusted partner that your business requires. 

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Trusted partnerships


They were around the world

Lucas Estevam is a Brazilian digital influencer who has visited 80 countries and loves traveling. He has millions of followers spread across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. O Portugal Afora is Estevam's choice for personalized tours in Portugal.


trip to follow

A couple of travelers who have a passion for discovering places and getting to know the four corners of the world. Tati and Gabriel inspire their readers to visit and discover new places. They have more than 171 thousand followers on Instagram and regularly post on their blog.

blog and tips

you see

A Brazilian passionate about Portugal who shares her experiences on her networks and where she can find great tips when visiting the country. With Tás a Ver, Jéssica shows the best things to eat, discover and experience in Portugal.

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Social media


Articles and tips about Portugal. Here you will also find all the information about our tours.


We publish the articles we wrote and other tips about Portugal.


Photos of our tours, our stories, our day-to-day life for you to discover every day.

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