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To receive emails we use your personal email address. If we need to contact you for anything related to a tour or your publication, we will use an email indicated by you. This website does not collect or store other types of information, such as credit card data, and does not sell or pass on data such as name, address or telephone number to third parties. We may analyze other types of data to understand how our readers use our website and services. This information indicates how our website is used, which materials are most accessed, and which countries our users come from. This information is for statistical purposes only and a way to improve our services.


Portugal Afora may display advertisements on the website. Information about website statistics (which are not about personal data and do not include names, addresses and contacts) may be passed to our partners. You may occasionally receive an email clearly marked “sponsored” or “supported by” in the subject line and header. These emails may not express our opinion or position because they constitute content paid for by our partners. You can always choose to stop receiving emails from us.


Cookies They are small text files placed on your computer and serve to quickly recognize your arrival on our website. Portugal Afora does not use Cookies at the present moment.

Links to Other Sites

Links to other websites are part of our service and enable access to other websites. Portugal Afora is not responsible for the content of these sites and may or may not support or defend the content described therein. Please consult the privacy policy of these sites if you have any questions.


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