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All content on our site, including all contributions from our readers and authors, is made available for personal and entertainment use. When using our website, the reader/author undertakes to provide correct, true and complete personal information. If any of this information does not meet these standards, Portugal Afora reserves the right to refuse and remove all content published by it.

The author/reader undertakes and agrees that when using our website he/she cannot:

  • download, post, publish, send emails, reproduce, distribute or pass on to third parties all published information of texts, photos, graphics, videos, messages and other materials;
  • It is expressly prohibited to publish messages, texts, videos or photos that may in any way shock other readers and that are incorrect, illegal, threatening, embarrassing, abusive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, fraudulent, with explicit descriptions of sexual acts or that invade other people's privacy in any way;
  • use a threatening tone. Bullying is expressly not tolerated and not accepted;
  • download, post, publish, email, reproduce or distribute content that is in any way threatening to other readers based on their religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age or physical disability;
  • impersonate another person or entity or falsely publish content that is not yours or does not represent the said entity;
  • download, post, publish, email, reproduce or distribute content that you do not have the rights to or infringe content from other brands, people or companies;
  • use our website to transmit advertising material, spam or any other form of solicitation not authorized by us;

The reader/author is responsible for the content sent and Portugal Afora has the right (but not the obligation) to refuse or remove content that does not fall within the Terms described here or when you believe it to be unwanted, inappropriate or irresponsible. The reader/author is responsible for the veracity, copyright, legality, decency or any other aspect contained in the materials he sends us and which we may or may not subscribe to. The reader/author publishes at their own risk on our website and cannot claim any form of compensation, accuse or threaten content published by us in their name and sent by them that violates the law or the rights of other people, companies or entities.

Restriction of Content Used

All content published on the Portugal Afora website is for personal and informational use and cannot be transmitted, used or passed on to third parties without our authorization;


When submitting articles, texts, photos, videos, messages or any other material to Portugal Afora, the reader/author undertakes to transfer these rights or licenses to our website, thus allowing us to freely and timelessly use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate or display this content, and may also suggest changes to its owner in order to improve, make the content submitted by him clearer, more appealing or more understandable.

Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

All content published on the Portugal Afora website is subject to intellectual property rights, ours or those of our readers/authors and cannot be used by other people, companies or entities without our consent. All texts, photos, graphics, logos, videos and other content belong to Portugal Afora and cannot be copied, transmitted or used in any way on other platforms by third parties without our consent;


Portugal Afora is responsible for and holds the rights to all content published by us, whether originating from our collaborators or third parties, that is, from authors/readers who send us their content. However, Portugal Afora is not liable for publishing incorrect, malicious content or content that in any other way infringes the copyright of other people, companies and entities that have been sent to us by authors/readers. We always publish in good faith and believe that such content complies with Terms described here and we have no way of validating that all information is correct and legal. In the event that content from one of our authors/readers is subject to legal action, Portugal Afora undertakes to collaborate with the injured parties, but does not accept in any way requests for compensation or compensation from them.

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