Near Lisbon is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country: Praia da Ursa

When we reached the westernmost point of Europe, the Cabo da Roca, we saw a spectacular rock formation and asked ourselves what this place is? I answer: it is Ursa Beach. And it is precisely the rocks that give its name to the most secret and hidden beach in the Lisbon region, whose shape is very similar to that of a bear. Getting to it is an arduous task, descending cliffs over 140 meters high in the middle of vegetation, rocks and stones!

The beautiful rock formation of Praia da Ursa seen from above

This is the reason that most attracts people, its difficult access which makes it almost unexplored (thankfully) and makes Praia da Ursa different from all other Portuguese beaches, and what, at the same time, attracts and magnetizes tourists from all over the world who take photos here (in addition to cooling off when the water temperature allows it).

Here in the middle of the cliffs, going down to the edge of the beach

Located on the way to Cabo da Roca, in Sintra, more precisely in the Sintra-Cascais natural park, Praia da Ursa is almost wild, inhospitable, with few people and difficult to access. It is a beach that is not for everyone. And that's what makes it so special.

There is no infrastructure at Praia da Ursa, it is nature in its rawest state. If you want to venture out and spend a day at the beach (investing about 30 minutes to go down the mountain and the same time to return), don't forget to take water, food and whatever else you think you will need, as there is nothing there. that makes your stay easier. Just to get an idea of the degree of difficulty, we have to go along a dirt road, followed by a very winding and steep path that ends right on the edge of the beautiful beach. But be careful, don't get confused in the accesses! Some are easier than others and it ends up being very common to see people wrongly choosing the most difficult paths to get to this beach.


Recognized beauty

Despite the dangerous route and the effort required to do it, it is unanimous that everyone who does it says that it is worth it for the beauty that we find when we arrive at the beach. And I can say that it is really worth it because Ursa has spectacular and immaculate scenery in store for us like the ones shown in the photos in this article. The beauty of Praia da Ursa is internationally recognized by several publications, even the famous Michelin Guide, who considered it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I certainly agree with the publication!

Nature and beauty in its raw state
Completely inaccessible
Is it beautiful or not?

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